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Mini Bowling Lane Construction by Seasoned Experts

Allied Bowling provides customers with access to the best mini bowling alley construction professionals. Our services are available to clients anywhere in the world, and we also have nation-wide expertise to meet the needs of domestic businesses. Each project design is carefully coordinated by architects, designers and engineers to ensure that the final result optimizes profits for the business owner. The construction is performed according to industry standards to ensure a long-lasting result. These structures are designed to last, so your exit strategy will also generate stable returns on the investment. With high-quality equipment and ecologically friendly bowling systems, you can appeal to the newest generation of environmentally conscious consumers.

Enhance Your Nightclub, Resort, or Cruise Ship with a Bowling Alley

Consider the benefits of using the services of Allied Bowling for your next mini bowling center. As the premiere bowling alley builder, our expertise includes every aspect of the project. This includes creative design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and sales. With over 25 years of experience, our company understands how to maximize revenues for customers in any location in the world. This is a great resource for community centers, churches and other organizations who are interested in obtaining a mini bowling center solution.

Other facilities can benefit from mini bowling alley construction, installations and bowling equipment:

There are a variety of benefits our customers receive when partnering with Allied Bowling. Evaluate the long-term strategy of installing a green mini bowling system, for example. The latest pin-setter technology is used, which is the most environmentally friendly solution available. Other enhanced features include the 40 "LED scoring monitors as well as our high-quality LED high output lighted capping. Your facility can market these enhancements to ecologically conscious customers. This is also a low-maintenance, affordable design. We are always available to answer your questions, so contact one of our service professionals today to find out how you can install a mini bowling system anywhere in the world.

Allied Bowling LLC - Logo

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