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LINK String Pinsetter


LINK Pinsetter

String Pinsetters: The Global Bowling Industry’s Future

Your establishment gets a lot out of using energy efficient, low maintenance, and low-cost string pinsetters. Any bowling alley in the world can benefit from making the switch to string. Allied Bowling offers LINK, the most reliable string pinsetter the industry has to offer, to our global clients.

How This Mini Bowling System Reduces Costs

The LINK string pinsetter from Allied Bowling has risen in popularity over the last 5 years, and its value continues to grow at a fast rate. The growth is mostly due to low operational costs and almost no required maintenance. LINK’s design makes it perfect for mini bowling and duckpin bowling alleys, but even traditional ten pin bowling centers can appreciate the savings caused by string pinsetters.

LINK hangs the pins on strings that are virtually invisible from the foul line or bowlers seating area. Less complicated machines, and therefore less energy, is required to collect the pins. The strings are made of heavy-duty black nylon cord, making them exceptionally durable and almost impossible to tangle. You won’t need to replace the strings or pins for a very long time. Moreover, LINK is backed by the industry’s best warranty, fully covering any needed repairs for 2 years.

LINK string pinsetters perfectly fit any alley and style of bowling. Allied Bowling puts this high-value system in your hands. To learn more about string pinsetters, call us today.


  • Family Entertainment Centers and Community Centers
  • Nightclubs and Bars
  • Residential and Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels


  • Fewer parts than any traditional freefall pinsetter on the market
  • 75% less parts than traditional free fall pinsetters
  • Simple design
  • German Engineering
  • Solid State Electronics. No Contacts or Relays to replace
  • Safe Operation
  • Reduce Employee Cost by not requiring a certified mechanic to operate
  • Use 50% less pins over the life of the pinsetter


  • Pinsetter will consume 75% less power than the traditional pinsetter
  • Pinsetter can operate with 220v-240v power with no Buck-n-Boost required
  • Power is only used when pins are being reset
  • Drastically reduce overhead and labor costs
  • Savings of up to $100,000 per year in operating cost (based on 16 lanes)
  • Light Weight Pinsetter. Weighs 75% less than the traditional pinsetter
  • Great for 2nd and 3rd floor installations
  • Noise Reduction – much quieter than that of the traditional pinsetter
  • Virtually no noise when pinsetter is resetting pins
  • No pins to recycle through pin wheel therefore reducing noise levels
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