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Lane Products

Synthetic Lanes

Lane Products

Synthetic bowling lanes are made of compressed paper with a “lane” look inlay over the top that is then sealed. This is a High Pressure Laminate process. This provides a more consistent shot than traditional “wood” lanes. The synthetic lanes are easier to maintain and do not require any type of resurfacing. Our synthetic lanes also come standard with a glow pattern under black lights.

Rich Maple Wood Finish Appearance

  • A Full 7/16” Thickness High Pressure Laminate
  • 5’ Wide Approach Panels
  • Easy-Slide Textured Approach
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Lane Finish
  • Traditional Wood Lanes

In recent years most of the bowling centers have been replacing their wood lanes with synthetics. Because of this, Allied Bowling has had the opportunity to buy these wood lanes and get them ready to install elsewhere. Traditional wood lanes have become very popular in home installations as well as small bowling lounges that like that “Throw Back” look. If this is something you are interested in, Allied Bowling has the technical staff available to make this happen for you.

Premium Bumpers & Gutters

allied-flex-logoUsing the very best materials available today, we have designed this system to give you the maximum amount of ball action than any other bumper system in the industry. Made out of a proprietary polycarbonate material, this product has the flexibility to endure the abuse and impact of a bowling ball.

Great For: Kids, Birthday Parties and Handicap Events

Easy Installation: It doesn’t matter if you are a new center or an existing center looking to upgrade. This automatic bumper system can be installed with any lane system. Our bumpers can be used for 10-pin, 5-pin or even duckpin bowling lanes. The Allied Bowling gutter system is the most rigid and durable gutter in the industry. All materials for this advanced gutter system are all made in the USA.

Special Features:

  • Advanced channel design holds the gutters firmly in place
  • Dark grey color to hide ball marks
  • No need for painting
  • Advanced Lighted Capping System

Talk about adding excitement to your center. With our lighted capping system you will by far exceed your customers’ expectations. This is the brightest and longest lasting LED lighting system that the industry has to offer.

Special Features:

LED Lighting

  • Crash resistant lens capping
  • Very easy to install
  • Removable lens cover for easy maintenance when needed

System contains:

  • Available with Remote control from front desk
  • Program up to 1,000 different lighting variations
  • LED Rope light
  • Power Wall Pack
  • Clear lens and capping

Premium Ball Rack & Hood System

The Allied Bowling Ball Rack and Hood system is by far the most durable system in the industry. Because the ball rack rails are constructed with special polyurethane blended materials it screams reliability and durability.

Special Features:

  • SAFETY FIRST – because of how the balls rest on the urethane rails, fingers will not get crushed between the resting ball and side rack.
  • Quietest ball rack on the market. Due to the polyurethane rail system, you will not here the crashing of balls hitting the ball rack when they rest.
  • Large glow side rails available in Blue, Orange or Black

Available Hood Colors:

  • Onyx Black – Beige Stone – Slate Grey
  • Available Glow Rail Colors: Orange – Yellow – Blue
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