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Lane Machines

The Crossfire is a compact, durable and highly functional lane machine at an extremely affordable price. This wick combination lane machine allows small centers to experience high quality lane maintenance only Kegel can deliver.


  • Cleans and conditions the lane in about 80 seconds
  • On-board keypad for simple machine programming
  • 6 High-Flow Wick Pads (upgradable)
  • 12 Lane Conditioner Capacity (upgradable)
  • 32 Lane Cleaner Capacity 3 Drive Speeds for enhanced pattern taper
  • Compact Design


  • Easy to Operate
  • Reliable
  • Consistent Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Low Operating Cost

The Kustodian PLUS sets a high benchmark for the Kustodian family of lane machines. It is equipped with many improvements over the original Kustodian, such as the upgraded Conditioner Transfer System and Sprayless Cleaning System. All components have been tested for maximum durability and performance


  • Sanction Technology Conditioning System
  • Patented Sprayless Cleaning System eliminates overspray
  • Clean and Condition the lane in less than 90 seconds
  • Condition only, clean only, and simultaneous modes
  • 6 Drive Speeds for smooth lengthwise taper
  • Large recovery tank can hold 50+ lanes of waste before emptying
  • Cleaning cloth waste roll is located on top for easy removal
  • KOSI is included to make pattern adjustments easy

FLEX is Kegel’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced lane machine. Its modern design makes a bold statement, and the new DUO conditioning system under the lid backs it up. This DUO conditioning system combines Sanction® Technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the first lane machine to give you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center. Use one conditioner, two conditioners, or even mix compatibile conditioners in one pass!

What if you use Fire lane conditioner for your house pattern, but your bowlers want to practice on Ice for an upcoming tournament? What if you want to use a high performance lane conditioner for your competitive bowlers, but switch to a different conditioner for open play? Easily customize the bowling experience for your customers and open new doors with the FLEX. Welcome to the FLEX Generation.

FLEX Features
FLEX Conditioning System
DUO conditioning system

  • Two oil pumps
  • Two conditioner cartridges

DUO transfer system

  • Enhances the smoothness of the pattern
  • Residual oil burns out quickly for easy pattern changes

Two pre-filled/refillable conditioner cartridges – allows for separate conditioner on forward and reverse oiling Ability to use two compatible lane conditioners in one pass Per load adjustable microliter streams per for more control within each pattern.

The Kustodian ION is battery powered so you no longer need to hassle with the cord during use. Just set it on each lane and press the button. It will clean and condition the lane, giving you more time to do other things between lanes.


  • Sanction Technology Conditioning System.
  • Patented Sprayless Cleaning System.
  • Battery powered for hassle-free operation.
  • Dry-Cell batteries last up to 40 lanes per charge.
  • Recharge up to 400 times before battery replacement.
  • Charging cord is included.
Lane Machines
Lane Machines
Lane Machines
Lane Machines
Lane Machines
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